Pyogenic Liver Abscess Following an Uncomplicated Colonoscopy

  • George Rahmani Department of Nephrology and General Medicine, Letterkenny General Hospital, Letterkenny
  • Anne Marie Moran Department of Nephrology and General Medicine, Letterkenny General Hospital, Letterkenny


liver abscess, MRI, Ultrasound, colonoscopy


Pyogenic liver abscess is a potentially devastating clinical entity associated with significant morbidity and mortality[1]. A myriad of causes for liver abscess have been described including intra-abdominal infections such as diverticulitis[2]. Due to a non-specific presentation, clinicians often require a high level of suspicion in their diagnosis of this condition. A handful of cases of liver abscess have been described following colonoscopy which was usually a complicated procedure or one where multiple biopsies had been taken[3,4]. The case of a patient presenting pyrexia of unknown origin one week after undergoing an uncomplicated colonoscopy in which no biopsies were taken is reported. She was ultimately diagnosed with a pyogenic liver abscess.


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  • Published: 2017-04-27

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