Anaphylaxis to Ciprofloxacin Requiring Emergent Surgical Cricothyrotomy

  • Wesley Tang Department of Medicine, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, OH, USA
  • Edwina Rao Department of Medicine, Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, OH, USA


Fluoroquinolones, ciprofloxacin, emergent airway, cricothyrotomy, anaphylaxis


Although allergies to antibiotics are commonly stated, anaphylactic reactions are uncommonly reported. This is especially the case with reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Furthermore, airway emergencies are rare. We present a case of ciprofloxacin-induced acute airway obstruction and anaphylaxis, necessitating emergent surgical cricothyrotomy following respiratory distress.



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  • Published: 2022-02-24

    Issue: 2022: Vol 9 No 2 (view)

    Section: Articles

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    Tang W, Rao E. Anaphylaxis to Ciprofloxacin Requiring Emergent Surgical Cricothyrotomy. EJCRIM 2022;9 doi:10.12890/2022_003180.